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A massage is always a great way to relax. But a great massage should bring you lasting benefits that strengthen your body and mind for longer. My massage protocol is designed to maximize those benefits and help your body repair the damage caused by our busy and increasingly stressful lives. Read more
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Whether it be for a relaxing moment or to address a specific chronic pain or issue, you can choose the massage formula that suits you best: at my studio or your home, à la carte or packages. Pricing & Availability


Pierre Graux, massage therapist

« I am extremely passionate about what I'm doing and I seem to have an uncanny knack for being able to hunt down and then release the most deeply-seated knots and pains. For me, massage is a gift, for the one who receives it but also for the practitioner. Every time you are learning something new and you got the chance to take care of someone. I am always grateful to people who grant me the privilege of massaging them, because they instill their trust in me to help them relax, feel better and relieve pain and tensions. »