I'm a firm believer in giving honest reviews, and don't often leave a 5* review as it would appear that the majority of people are want to do, but in this case if I could give more I honestly would. Perhaps the best massage I have ever had, one that I would happily return to on a regular basis, if I didn't live several hundred miles from Roujan! Pierre found all the parts that needed relaxing, and even managed to find a few aches that I didn't realise I had! I slept the best that I have in quite a while, and am still feeling the benefits the morning after. Do yourself a big favour and book Pierre for a massage, you won't regret it.

AlanRoujan,April 2023

An experience that everyone should have in a life time. I went to Pierre with an existing back issue, that since our appointment is no more. Professional and passionate about what he does, with the skills and expertise to back it up.

RayBéziers,June 2023

I recently had an exceptional massage experience with Pierre in Beziers. From the moment I met him, his warm and friendly demeanor put me at ease. Pierre's skillful hands and intuitive touch provided the perfect pressure to relieve my tense muscles. He created a safe and relaxing environment, allowing me to fully unwind and let go of stress. I highly recommend Pierre's services for anyone seeking a truly exceptional massage in Beziers.

MarcusBéziers,June 2023

The first contact with Pierre is already great. We trust him immediately. His massage exactly meets my expectations: depth but also softness and great relaxation. Pierre took the time to untie the muscles as needed with great patience and care. The time passed far too quickly despite more than two hours of massage. I highly recommend this magician and for sure, I will come back!

IsabelleNeffiès,April 2023

A life changing experience! Well, at least when it comes to the most incredible massage experience. Like you, I read through Pierre’s reviews. With every single one my expectations were getting higher and higher. And then Pierre managed to exceed all of them. He is a true professional who clearly knows his way around the body. He managed to find every single knot and tension in my body, and treated it with resolve and care. Days after I feel recalibrated and grounded. I think his unique talent comes from his ability to connect without words and tune in into your body. He is exceptionally kind and generous. Do yourself a favor, book a massage! I know I will at the next possible chance I get.

ErikAugust 2022

Pierre really took the time for this first massage. He insisted on the most tense and contracted areas, varied the massage techniques and it did me a world of good. I will surely feel the benefits for several more days. I highly recommend Pierre!

GuillaumeParis,January 2023

Simply said, Pierre works miracles. His ability to listen, understand and provide treatment is truly amazing. I have received multiple massages from him over the past two years when traveling in France and each time I have benefitted greatly from his skills and his attention to my specific needs. I always feel like a new and healthier person after his massage. I wish he lived closer to me so I could see him more often. He is just a remarkable and super talented person.

BrettAmsterdam,August 2021

We have been working with Pierre for a number of years now. He offers his massage therapy to our guests and I have indeed benefitted from his skills personally a number of times. I have to say, without any shadow of doubt, he is the best masseur I have ever had. And the feedback from our guests is always glowing. He has a natural talent and with his innate understanding of our bodies, he always seems to find those trigger points that need attention. In fact, we have guests that travel to Roujan, just to have a massage from Pierre. Book without hesitation! You won't regret it. In fact it will be the best decision you have made in a long time 😉

AlexRoujan,April 2021

Having suffered from a back and neck injury for many year I went to see Pierre for a massage. Pierre instantly pinpoint my areas of pain and set to work! I had the most wonderful massage I have ever had. I left Pierre feeling absolutely amazing! I would certainly recommend you visit him for a massage.

AlisonPouzolles,July 2021

Book Pierre now, and book for (at least) 90 minutes. Pierre has obviously worked hard to hone his craft. He understands the therapies, the theories underlying them, and how our bodies work. He demonstrates knowledge and mastery on par with the best. A session with him is a master class of theory meeting practice. It is 110% worth your time and money. You won’t be disappointed.

JacobStuttgart,July 2021

Unclench and relax; reset and get a good night’s sleep. Pierre is a magician - he will make this happen. It’s been over 48 hours since I met him - I still feel great! (If I could give him six stars I would). Merci Pierre, tu es vraiment incroyable.

NeilNeffiès,August 2021

Pierre is simply the most amazing person and masseuse. I had a wonderful hour with Pierre he simply knows what is going on with your body and your mind - I felt wonderful afterwards and had the best sleep I have had for ages! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pierre and if I lived locally to him he would be my go to weekly massage! I hope I get to see you again one day Pierre a lovely human being inside and out - thanks again for a wonderful massage

HellieNorthampton,November 2021

I have been having massages regularly for many years. It’s very rare to find a practitioner that can tune into what a body requires as quickly and as intuitively as Pierre did. This usually takes a while of working with the same person. Within the first 10 minutes of the massage, I recognized his exceptional talent and skill and requested to extend the appointment by another 30 minutes, which fortunately, he was able to do. Pierre has a great, grounded energy. I was particularly tired from traveling and Pierre totally turned that around and got me back to feeling human again. Do you yourself a huge favor and make an appointment with Pierre at the first opportunity. You’ll be so glad you did. Thank you Pierre.

NeilLos Angeles,August 2021

Just what you need to start your holiday, a deep tissue massage. Pierre started with a smile and a great welcome, the massage started with light pressure and gradually worked into a great targeted pressure massage. Piere new just where to put the pressure and found some of my pains that needed attention. 5 stars, 100% one of the best id say...

NickIslande,July 2021

Pierre is absolutely an amazing massage therapist. I had the best massage ever. And he is a very kind guy too. Would recommend him for sure if you are in Roujan or surroundings. Many thanks Pierre

ErwinAmsterdam,July 2021

I visited Pierre suffering with a painful arm and shoulder after lifting heavy items. I'd had the pain for 2 weeks. Pierre is warm, caring and approachable. As a health care practitioner myself, I found him very professional and incredibly knowledgeable about the body's fascia and location of trigger points. He spent a lot of time working through all my painful areas, releasing tightness as he went. I can honestly say it was the best massage I've had. I would not hesitate to recommend him. By the end of the next day my pain had gone completely. Thank you Pierre!

AlisonTunbridge Wells,July 2021

Had an amazing 2 hour massage with Pierre. He really focuses on the areas you point out and intuitively finds other that need attention. Perfect blend of deep tissue, trigger and relaxation. Best massage I’ve had in years. Six stars******

FrancescaPoujols-sur-Orb,June 2021

Having not had a full body massage for a long time, I was certainly in need of attention. I have various problems with my back and the idea of deep tissue massage appealed to me. Before we started, Pierre asked if there were any specific or particular issues he should know about. His technique is something I had never experienced before. He was slow and methodical, and did not rush or overlook any area. He could feel and know exactly where my problem areas were, when I didn't. He managed to find all the small knots of tensed muscle. I had a two hour massage and upon each focus on a knot, I felt a big wave of released tension and emotion. The effect was intense. I was very relaxed afterward. Highly recommended.

ElliotLondon,July 2020